RE/MAX ALIVE 2018 Cycling Challenge for Cancer

Vienna – Innsbruck – Milan

via Brenner Pass

Road Bike Route: 1,200kmTotal Ascent: 9,500mMax Alt: 1,400m
Difficulty Grade: 4/5
MTB Route: 1,000km
8 NightsAdventure Factor: #5
Deposit: 240€
Min Fundraising: 2,200€



ALIVE Charity Foundation is the first charity foundation to raise funds for medical research in Malta.

In our first 4 years of operation we have managed to donate over €365,000 towards Cancer Research and Cancer Care.   The sponsored research has already resulted in ground-breaking discoveries which have enabled more efficient identification of cancers in order to provide targeted treatment.  ALIVE is now funding treatment research which is leading to more effective and sustainable cancer treatment.  Funds from the first 2 years were directed towards Breast Cancer Research, whilst the funds from the last 2 years have been directed towards Children’s Cancer Research. The funds raised by ALIVE mainly go towards the human element of research, such as funding PhD research scholarships, as well as funding new and ongoing research.

This year we will be attempting another magnificent 1000km ride through Europe and raise more money for our cancer charity. This year we plan our first complete ride over the mighty Alps from Vienna up the mighty rivers of the Danube and Inn before transcending via the historic Brenner pass between Austria to the beautiful northern capital of Italy, Milan

We invite you to join us on the incredible seven day cycling adventure to raise money for cancer research and have the ride of your life while making a difference to others. To join us, click the link below which will take you to the RE/MAX ALIVE 2018 Cycling Challenge for Cancer website.

2018 Route

Red Line – Mtb (1,000km)

Blue Line – Road (1,200km)


# Day         Date                          Day                       Start                      Finish

1                  20 July 2018            Friday                     Vienna                   Grein

2                  21 July 2018            Saturday                Grein                      Salzberg

3                  22 July 2018            Sunday                  Salzberg                 Innsbruck

4                  23 July 2018            Monday                Innsbruck              Bolzano

5                  24 July 2018            Tuesday                Bolzano                  Bardolino

6                  25 July 2018            Wednesday          Bardolino              Bergamo

7                  26 July 2018            Thursday              Bergamo                Milan



Experienced Cycle Leader(s), Full Vehicle Support, Bike Mechanics, First Aiders,

Baggage Transfer, 8 Nights Accommodation, All Meals, Airport Transfers (designated flights)


Not Included

Travel to/from event (flights)



Recommended travel information will be given on your application.To help us help you, It is important you notify us of any extraordinary travel arrangements you may have that prevents you from arriving at the recommended times.
Your personal bags will be carried by the support vehicle throughout the event.
We strongly ask your bikes to be transported by bike bags (semi-rigid/soft). Please do not arrive to the event with rigid bike travel boxes. Support vehicles will have limited space and unable stow large solid bike boxes as well as all luggage and equipment through the event.
Please contact us with any questions regarding flight transport of your bike, we will be more than happy to discuss this further with you.


Weather & Kit

We can expect warm, sunny weather, however we should expect slight temperature drop and cool conditions on the mountains (800m+) – Remember to bring layers – not heavy coverings.
This is a road bike tour. Your bike should be well maintained and in good running order with suitable ‘road gears’ and brakes.
A full kit list will be issued in your ‘Joining Instructions’ document after your application. We will be glad to discuss any aspect of kit and your bike with you, please call us anytime with any questions.


Fitness & Training

This is a level 4 cycle event. You will be capable of riding comfortably upto 140km in a day and/or used to riding distances upto 100km over hilly terrain – minmum. If you have any doubt as to your fitness regarding participation in this event please give us a cal and we will be more than happy to chat with you.

Click here for Training plan

Please arrive to the event ready to ride and not rely on ‘muscle memory’ or riding into ‘trip fitness’ – don’t let us or yourself down…please train to ride.



To participate on this incredible adventure or for further information hit contact us  now…