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October 15, 2017

ALIVE Charity Foundation


“Amazing group to work with. Professional service provided for a group of 50 cyclists from Malta doing over 1,200km on two parallel routes for road and mountain bikes all the way from Copenhagen to Warsaw”  [Michael Gafa]


“European Cycling Tours pulled out all the stops to help us with our yearly cycling challenge. They successfully organised the logistics for two parallel routes. 1 on road bikes and 1 on MTB, with plenty of off-road for the latter. A great team all around”  [Elton Berry]


“Wanna learn more about cycling safety on the road? Plan a trip with European Cycling Tours”  [Nick Shembri]


“Great persons and leaders….always safety first and second….well done ECT…. ”  [Justin Gauci]


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Experience Majorca

“It was the most physically demanding thing i have done and by far the most enjoyable. If you want team building and comradeship this is perfect. Jason and Will our guides could not have been better, pushing us and encouraging ( mostly by lying) 😀 … I can’t wait for next year Italy… here we come. I have already hired my wattbike for the winter training. I am coming for you Jason get that yellow ready!” [Adrian]

“Thanks Jason for a great trip – next year Stelvio!” [Matt]

“My first trip overseas and i know i’m going to do more. Thankyou Jason and Will, it was a great experience indeed!” [Tony]

“Where are we going next year!” [George]


Munich To Milan Trans-Alp Stelvio

“Thankyou for a marvelous time Jason, enjoyed every minute of it even if i didn’t make it all the way up to the top. We shall be with you again in the future for sure.” [Cleeves]

“Wonderful time, thankyou Jason and Paul” [Alex]

“Thankyou again Jason for a wonderful trip. I will be in touch with you for another” [Hilary]


Lake Geneva Family Tour

“We had a wonderful four days with you and Tori – Many thanks for everything, we look very much forward to booking with you again” [Jeela]