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cycling during lockdown

LOCKDOWN! …your guide to cycling through a pandemic…

Lockdown! ...when pandemic strikes what does this mean for cyclists? During times of social distancing and even total isolation what can we do to keep cycling and keep our minds!!
dummies guide to cycling

Dummies Guide To Winter Cycling Clothing

As cyclists we love the outdoors period! But just occasionally the feeling is not reciprocated and just sometimes the outdoors can really suck! So here are a few tips to help you beat those days when mother nature really doesn’t want you to play.
dummies guide to cycling

Dummies Guide To Bicycle Gears

Getting to know your bike gears should be simple... you push the lever one way to make it easier to pedal, and then the other way to go faster… choosing the right gears for your bike however can be much trickier!
Cycle London to Paris in 3 days on our organised and fully supported London To Paris bike ride

Is London to Paris the best cycling holiday in Europe?

After many years being a cycling holiday organiser we strongly believe without question the supported London to Paris bike is the best cycling holiday in Europe