Cycling Holidays FAQ

When thinking about choosing from an established cycling holiday provider there are obviously some things you want to know before making your choice. European Cycling Tours have been involved in designing, planning and delivering cycling holidays, challenges and adventures for many years and, despite the information given on our trip pages, there are always things to ask to find out a little more if our trips are right for you. Below are a few questions (with answers) that regularly arise from customers that we think will help you consider joining one of our incredible itineraries.


Q. I am a keen cyclists but I’m worried I will not be fast enough to ride with a group, what is the average speed of your cycling group?

A. We typically expect to average approx 13mph (moving time) over the whole day – some itineraries average can vary (family, charity).  Many things can impact the average speed including weather, terrain and road surface. The group speed is governed by the cycle leader who knows exactly where the group need to be through the day. Each itinerary is designed to be accessible to most cyclists from club level to keen weekend riders. A cycling training plan is given to all our applicants and we ask people to make an effort to be in shape when arriving. Also, remember we have all day to complete the daily distance which have been designed to achieve comfortably.

Q. I want to book my flights early to get a good price – when will I know what flights to book to arrive at the right time?

A. Ordinarily, we will inform flight details at the time of application for each trip. Otherwise flight information is will issued no later than three months out from the trip start date.

Q. Can international customers take part in the ride?

A. Yes of course, however it is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure they have the necessary travel documents (VISA) to cover their visit to the countries we visit to ride (sometimes we cross multiple borders of European states), not forgetting also some states are within the EU some not – as the UK is now.

Q. What sort of health insurance card or documentation do we need?

A. Applicants are strongly advised to have at least full travel health (personal injury) insurance and ‘Sports Travel Cover’ to help to cover ALL possible eventualities. A company we use in the UK isSports Cover Direct(please click to view website).

Q. I have a bit of an ongoing knee problem. If i’m having a bad day, can i go in the van for a bit?

A. Yes, absolutely, the van is there to help support riders at all times and if you need a break to rest an injury for a few hours that is fine… we want you to get to the final ride in to the finish without finishing you off.

Q. I do quite a bit of riding at the weekend but should I be doing anything else in my training?

A. It is advisable to include at least one further cycle ride or indoor gym/spinning class session into your preparation. A training plan is included in your event pack which you can view here – European Cycling Tours Cycle Training Plan.

Q. How many people typically take part in the ride?

A. Each supported cycling group (with dedicated cycling leader and SAG van) is typically between 13-18 cyclists. On large events we ordinarily divide the group with support crew not exceeding that ratio.

Q. I would like to arrange for my partner to stay with me at the final destination – is it possible to arrange to book them into our hotel at the finish?

A. Yes, absolutely, this is a common request – our itineraries do finish in beautiful cities. We will be happy to arrange a room type to suit you at our final hotel for your partner to stay with you.

cycle London To Paris


Q. I am travelling from the North of England and plan stay overnight at a location close to the starting point. Could you please let me know where the start point is and where i should book a hotel?

A. Please plan your stay in London at the following hotel or nearby: Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, London W2 3NS. This is the location for the event briefing on Thursday evening and the assembly point on Friday morning before departure. This is also where your event crew will be staying.

Q. I was wondering if you knew what the average  pace is when riding.? Just want to make sure the training i do will be relevant.

A. For this event to Paris we typically average in good weather approx 13mph.

Q. I have family coming to Paris to meet us at the finish. What time do you normally arrive in Paris on the Sunday?

A. All going well we should arrive approx. 4pm at our finish point the Place du Trocadero (Eiffel Tower view point) before then riding on to our hotel (10th arrondissements area) we should be settled into our hotel by 6pm

Q. Do you know where we will be staying in Paris?

A. We stay in the 10th arrondissement of Paris close to the Gare du Nord rail station (this is the Eurostar departure station).

Q. What time Eurostar do you normally get on the way back?

A.  You will leave Paris mid afternoon and your Eurostar train return from Paris typically arrives back into St Pancras Intl between 5-6pm on the Monday. Please arrange any forward connections from St Pancras no less than one hour after this from this time. For other locations, please check any travel (walking/tube/taxi) time between stations for your onward journey. If you are planning to use public transport, our advice is to book an ‘open’ or ‘flexi’ ticket for your onward journey home.

Naturally, if you have a questions you would like to ask us then please by all means do so directly using our contact page or chat button below – more than happy to help 🙂